Tuesday, 27 February 2007

Living the dream...

At 24, you are indisputably an adult. Unless you have some serious behavioural issues of course. By now, you are deemed by society to be an adult. You have crossed through the grey area that is adolescence, hopefully largely unscarred, and have arrived at Adulthood. It took me a while to actually figure out where I was to be begin with. And then the subtle pressures and expectations started.

Throughout my life I've spent years, literally, defending my maturity to my parents. The number of times I have protested that I am old enough to know X, that I am old enough to go and do Y... And now I have finally arrived and recognised I am in Adulthood, they're asking me when I'm going to get married and buy a house. Hang on a second! Just because I have reached this strange town called Adulthood doesn't mean I want to inhabit Sensible Street immediately!

It seems that some people get old enough to do whatever they want and then end up doing what everyone expects them to do. Frankly, I find that horrifying. Why not have a bit of space to yourself? See the world, study a bit more, have fun while you still can! Obviously, I am not judging, nor am I scoffing at, people that want to marry young (and by young I mean under 22) or buy a house of their own as soon as possible. It's the "what then" that worries me.

It's when people give up their dreams hopes and aspirations because they think that they should be living in Sensible Street as soon as possible because it's the right thing to do. To hell with that!! You only have roughly 75-85 years on this earth if you're LUCKY! I mean, dreams and aspirations don't have to ground breaking or huge to be important. You just need to have one that's important to you. To give up a dream is is to give up hope. The spark goes out of life and everything in your life suffers, but most importantly it is your soul that suffers most.

And I know sure as the rise and fall of the tide, that I don't want to wind up one of those people who have lived their entire life on Sensible Street that wind up saying: Oh if only I had .... So don't mind me if I don't do as society expects me to for a few more years yet. Buying a house will be way more fun when we have collected a few good photos and artefacts from around the globe to decorate it with.

You might call me irresponsible but I prefer the term free spirited.

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