Tuesday, 3 November 2009

The most awesome wedding invites. Ever.

As anyone who knows me will know, I am a complete nut for not only books but stationery, pens and all things paper-based. I was that kid who couldn't wait for summer to be over so I could buy new exercise books and colour-coordinate my folders. My favourite thing about planning my wedding was making the invitations. And I thought my invites were pretty darn cool.... until I saw these on Jessica Claire's website/blog:

If you'd like to see the genius behind these invites, have a look at her website.

I take my hat off. In fact, they're so beautiful I almost want to cry.


  1. These are incredible. Can you imagine the postage bill, though, if you were having a really big wedding?!

  2. They are simply beautiful! I wonder just how many hours they took her, not to mention the other "date savers" she sent out previously with the gorgeous keys!

  3. I'll bet postage and number of hours put in were horrific! Well worth it though, I reckon! :)