Sunday, 24 April 2011

Sunday Salon: The Reading Slump

Now if I had a nook like this
I'm sure I'd never have a reading
slump, like, ever.
Image copyright: Kath Liu 2011
Yep, the first slump of the year has hit and my blogging mojo has also somewhat hit the skids. I'm not sure exactly what causes these slumps. I mean, really - what is my life without reading? I'm a book lover, a reading nerd, the bookish girl that everyone asks for reading recommendations. Why, then, do I have these periods of time where I don't pick up a book for ages? Right now I really need to not be in a reading slump. I have to get The Lacuna done and read and write the review within the next 2 weeks. I'm currently on page 21. Come on!! What's going on in there, brain?

Having just written that first paragraph, sat back and reflected, I think I can pinpoint the cause of my slump. It's performance anxiety. It's that nagging little voice. You know the one - the annoying little nay-sayer that barges in, makes himself comfy in the back of your mind and sighs and shakes his head and occasionally comments "You're never going to make it, you know..." or "It's all going to fall down around your ears soon..." I often have this little bugger hanging around telling me that I'm never going to get my thesis finished on time. Unsatisfied with this, it seems he has moved on to my reading and blogging.

This year, I've been making a massive effort to blog regularly and interestingly. It's been going quite well and I've been very happy to welcome about 50 new followers (hi guys!) But I logged in today to find that the air had been let out of my "OMG I have 100 followers" balloon when someone un-followed me. I know, I know, I shouldn't take it personally - but I do. Of course, this was just fuel for the nay-sayer's fire: "See? The decline in your success is already happening..."

Alright! Enough already! You. Nay-sayer. Out! I am officially evicting you. Pack your sad little suitcase and get out of my head. Go on. Shoo!

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OK. I feel better already. I'm sure I will get another follower sometime. I still have 2 weeks to read The Lacuna. I will get back on track with my War and Peace mission today. Reading is supposed to be fun and I'll be damned if I'm going to let it become a chore.

Do you ever have reading slumps? If so, what causes yours?


  1. I'm a blogging slump so I completely understand. I just have been really busy with work and it's been difficult to get back into it.

    Sorry about the un-follow. I haven't had that yet, but I only have about 10 followers. I doubt it has anything to do with your content. I enjoy reading your posts. Hopefully you can conquer the nay-sayer. I struggle with that as well. Good luck with everything...especially the thesis.

  2. I see you are already up to 100 again:)

    I have reading slumps all the time. Usually what I do is allow myself to be fickle: picking up and putting down books willy nilly. I also go to things I know I can read quickly and enjoy (like graphic novels, or dystopian YA). That usually get me back in the reading groove.

    Check out my Here is my Sunday Salon post here.

  3. I've gotten better about not fixating TOO much over my subscriber/follower numbers, but sometimes, when I notice a drop, I still wonder "What did I do wrong?"

  4. Personally I find reading slumps happen when life gets too overwhelming - work or poorly as in my recent case or the book I am meant to be reading is because I "have" to. It then becomes a chore and not a pleasure.

    On the blogging front, I write what I feel interested in. Mainly genealogy or books and some general ramblings. I hope people enjoy it, but I do not go out of my way to make it interesting. A blog is a creative way of expressing me.

  5. On the reading end of things, I totally agree with LBC. That's pretty much it in a nutshell. BUT...

    on the writing end of things...oh my. I've sort of concluded it's because of Spring fever: too nice, too much to do, too nice...did I already say that? hhmmm...

    Thanks for writing about THE nay-sayer, though...for the past week I thought I was the only one plagued by it. That helps to know I'm not alone :~)

  6. Blogging can be something of an emotional roller coaster. The worse is when you write a post and no one comments. Ugh. Oh, well. You have a great blog, and I love coming by, so keep at it.

    I get in reading slumps when I'm into something else, right now, knitting.