Monday, 19 March 2007

Just keep running...

I ran the Auckland "Round the Bays" fun run yesterday.

When I look at that sentence, I realise that the words that truly should be in inverted commas are the words fun run. Is there really such a thing? Sure some people have fun running but I can't say that I had much fun yesterday whilst running. I sure achieved something though. 8.4km is the furthest I have ever run continuously in my life. And it hurt doing it.

Actually it shouldn't have hurt so much. I regularly run 6km, so you wouldn't think that an extra 2.4km would be so bad. And normally it wouldn't but when you're used to running in the evening and you only had a banana for breakfast... Well you know.

I would like to get to the stage where I can run 10km without too many issues at any time of the day though. That's my next goal. You know, on the way to my crazy, insane, seemingly unreachable goal of me running the half marathon in October. I honestly have no idea how on earth I will do that but it'll be interesting trying.

Interesting. Another word that needs to be in inverted commas.

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