Friday, 13 April 2007

Dedication to those gone before us

This last week has seen the passing of two extraordinary women in my partner's family. I feel lucky and honoured that I had the chance to meet both of them before they moved on to the next realm. Both lived through social upheaval, political revolution, loss of children... Things that many of us will hopefully never have to experience.

This has also made me think of my own grandparents who all passed on, within a year of each other, just over seven years ago. Although their lives were lived in totally different countries with vastly different cultures to that of my partner's grandparents, they too lived through some very tough times and were all amazing people with fascinating life stories. Although it has been seven years, I still miss them as much as I did the day they passed. And in many ways, they are still as much a part of my life now as they were when they were alive. It's just the method of communication changes slightly.

I believe that death isn't the end of it all. I don't know what happens or where people go but I do know that they go on to somewhere else. Hopefully somewhere better. I guess we'll know for sure once we get there.

The most important point for me is that I think that everyone has an interesting story to tell of their life and that we should give more credence to the voice of our elders. Once they are gone, we lose a vastly rich wealth of knowledge, experience and wisdom. Also, cherish everyone you have whilst they are still living and try not to let the daily irritations get in the way of appreciating each other.

You'll never know the true finality of death until it's too late.

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