About me & my blog...

The Basics:
Name: Kath
Age: Late twenties
Nationality: UK and NZ
Location: Taiwan
Occupation(s): Freelance editor, writer and Editor of the Centered on Taipei magazine published by the Community Services Center Taipei, a non-profit organisation that serves the needs of the International Community in Taiwan.
Studying: Master of Arts in Literature (Post 9/11 Literature)
Years of blogging: Since 2007

How this blog evolved:
This blog started off in February 2007 after I took a very inspiring creative writing course at undergraduate level. In a flurry of motivation, I decided I needed a dedicated writing place that wouldn't get lost down the back of my sock drawer like so many of my diaries. Plus, it was online so that meant that someone might actually read it, right? Well that trundled along OK for a while, without a huge audience (shocking I know, I can't believe there wasn't more of an audience for my random musings). Then I relocated to Taiwan and realised that I needed to make my blog more specific. It needed a theme, something to lock it down. The obvious answer was BOOKS. I love books to the point of obsession so why not blog about them? And hence I decided to make this a dedicated book blog.

And that's still where it's at. I read and write about books, all things literary and book-related as well as touching on some aspects of living in Taiwan and being an expat. Have a look around, read, enjoy and feel free to leave a comment. Nothing makes my day more than getting comments on my posts!

What I write about:
For a quick overview of some of my main content, have a click around the links below:

Living overseas
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Contacting me:
If you'd like to contact me, I always love hearing from people so please feel free to leave a comment on any post, subscribe to and/or follow my blog or email me at kathmeista(at)gmail(dot)com.

Thanks for coming, happy reading!!