Monday, 8 March 2010

Where I've been

Mucho apologies for being AWOL for so long! I've just spent three glorious weeks in New Zealand after having been away for eight months. I'm now back in Taiwan and trying to get my head around being here again which is proving to be a little more challenging than I first anticipated. I was worried that a trip home would throw me out of whack and send me tail-spinning back into culture shock when I touched down here again but it's actually done something worse: it's landed me in Limbo Land.

Limbo Land is the place I'm sure all expats end up at one stage or another, that weird space of not quite belonging in one place or the other, not knowing where exactly it is that you feel most at home and feeling utterly torn between the two places. I am there. New Zealand has old friends, familiarity, a language I speak, a culture I understand, beaches, fish n' chips and greenery. Taiwan has new friends, opportunities, a chance to become a more interesting person, convenience, excitement and the most kick-ass food you will find anywhere. It's an emotional tug of war between home and adventure.

I know it will settle down as soon as I'm back into normal routines and life but until then I'm just going to have to put up with floating around here in the undefined. Never mind - here are a few shots of the beautiful New Zealand for you to enjoy. If you've never been, seriously consider adding it to you places to see before you die. It's something else.

Browns Bay, Auckland New Zealand

Bethell's Beach, West Auckland

Balmain Reserve, Devonport, Auckland


  1. NZ is definitely on my list of places to visit. Two friends have spent sabbaticals there and loved it. Why are you in Taiwan, I've missed that tidbit of information.

  2. @ Helen: Thanks for your comment! I'd say it would be nearly impossible to go to NZ and not love it, but I MIGHT be a little biased ;)

    I'm in Taiwan as my hubby works here and I got sick of doing the long distance thing so I relocated here almost a year ago.

  3. Welcome back! ;) New Zealand looks beautiful!

  4. @Greg - Thanks, good to be back! It sure is beautiful. I'm missing it like crazy! :)

  5. I love how you call it Limbo Land - I totally know that feeling! And I am sure I will know it even more when I get to Japan.
    Good luck getting back into your normal routine!

  6. It's been my dream to visit New Zealand and Australia ever since an Australian family moved next door to my parents for a year more than 25 years ago. Then we couldn't afford to go because we were students, then kids...a few more years, they'll all be on their own and we're headed that way!