Tuesday, 11 May 2010

MISSION: Taipei Living 10th Edition - nearly completed.

Wow wow whee, have I ever been slack in the last month. At first I was insanely busy (brother in law got married, had the in-laws staying with us) and then that slid into a case of serious denial and writer's block. One good thing though is that in the last couple of weeks I have found myself in the final stages of my current editing project - we have a cover and the final proof copy and everything, how exciting!! The book is called Taipei Living (10th edition) and is basically an everything you need to know about living in Taipei as a foreigner. It's got info on areas for shopping, how to sort out your rubbish, where to get good coffee, how to get a driver's license, what to do if there's an earthquake, hot spring etiquette, info on the international schools and way, way more. It's a gold mine and it was an honour to be involved in bringing it to it's tenth edition. I even gave a nifty new cover and everything.

Anyway, hopefully now I have broken the barrier and posted here the drought will lift and I'll be back with more book-related stuff. Oh and for those of you who like photos, I started Project 365 over here a couple of days ago which should be fun!

Hope you're all well and talk again soon!


  1. Oh, I hope that you will be back! And congratulations on being a part of that 10th edition! :-)
    There are so many people from Taiwan in my Japanese classes here in Japan - it's oddly enough made me miss your blog.

  2. Hey Brizmus! Aww thanks for missing my blog, I feel all loved and warm n fuzzy ;) Yeah the masses of TW bods isn't surprising, the TWese love all thing to do with Japan!!

    Don't worry I will be back. I'm planning my next couple of reviews as we speak....

  3. You have been busy! I was just wondering about you the other day and hoping everything was okay.

  4. Lisa - Thanks :) Everything was fine just got massively overloaded is all! Hope you're well :)