Monday, 7 February 2011

Readathon Wrap -up Post

When I read other blogs, I'm blown away by other people's reading speeds. I used to think I was a fast reader until I became a book blogger! This weekend was no exception. While other bloggers taking part in this readathon were chewing through multiple books, I was plodding slowly through one. It was one of those heavy going books but I really enjoyed it. I didn't quite achieve my goal of finishing it, mainly because Saturday got pulled from underneath me, but I'm glad I got so much of it read.

The final results:
Friday 5th (evening): Snow (Orhan Pamuk) 101 - 177
Saturday 6th (evening): Snow (Orhan Pamuk) 177 - 211 
Sunday 7th (day):  Snow (Orhan Pamuk) 211 - 338

Total pages read: 237
Total hours spent reading: 8
Amount of fun had: Lots


  1. Nice! I've never participated in a read-a-thon but I want to soon!

  2. Wow, you made a huge dent in your book. I'd call that a very productive weekend of reading.

  3. Brenna - This was my first readathon, loads of fun! Definitely recommend it.

    Whitney - Thanks! I felt a little bad I hadn't read more but your comment makes me feel better :)

  4. So glad you participated! Don't worry... I didn't fly through too many either, but definitely enjoyed what I read. I'm so glad you had fun. :)

  5. My husband has a laudable New Years resolution - to read 40 books this year. Pretty hardcore seeing as we are taking a course for the entire month of September so he has 11 months, not 12, in which to do it.

    He's blogging about it on his own sitr, Balancing Frogs.

  6. I love your final comment about the fun had! I maintain that Snow is a necessarily slow read and no-one should rush through it. Beautiful book.

  7. Wallace - thanks for organising it! It was a lot of fun. Love the whole communal reading thing.

    Jenna - Wow! good goal. What's the link to his site?

    Nose_in_a_book - totally agree. Wouldn't have it any other way! I'm nearly finished but it's going to take a couple more weeks!